The characteristic of our poultry transport coop

1. Using 100% new HDPE raw materials, our plastic transport coop anti-oxidant, anti-corrosion, anti-UV, etc. One-time molding technology, provide stronger, durable poultry crate with a long lifespan. Higher design at the corners of the bottom, avoid the plastic crate bottom touch the ground directly, prolong the using time.

2. Our chicken transport crate has a top-and-bottom interlocking design, promise they can stack more stable and safe. It can bear 20+ layers as experience, help to save transport costs.

3. The install is easy, and the professional design promises the crate sturdy after installing.

4. Full vented crate design, improve the survival rate during poultry transportation. Smooth slide door openings and crate body design can minimize bruising and wing injuries. These chicken crates allow bird loading safe, quick, and easy.

5. Although HDPE material is light, the structure strong enough, and can bear extreme temperatures.

6. Chicken transport cages can is easy to clean for smooth surface. Plastic can use many clean ways, resist detergents, disinfectants, or poultry waste, and will not corrode like metal cages.

7. For we are manufacturer, we support color customized if the quantity is good. Prouce and delivery fast after placing the orders.

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