The characteristic of our poultry transport coop

1. Using 100% new HDPE raw materials, our plastic transport coop anti-oxidant, anti-corrosion, anti-UV, etc. One-time molding technology, provide stronger, durable poultry crate with a long lifespan. Higher design at the corners of the bottom, avoid the plastic crate bottom touch the ground directly, prolong the using time. 2. Our chicken transport crate has a

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Why choose our hatchery basket?

1. Ventilation design of hatcher baskets’ corners and sidewalls ensure uniform airflow in the hatcher, to promise more accurate control of the hatching process to higher chick viability; 2. Smooth interior design for protecting the day-old chicks, smaller ribbons in the basket floor to prevent splay-legs; 3. Extra sidebars and especially the bottom design prevent

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