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We are a company integrated design, produce and sale process; Responding to the environmental protection demand of the society, we concentrate to manufacture the health and eco-friendly dustbins; Meanwhile, to offer food grade and durable plastic package solution to food and their process factories. Such as fruit farm, poultry farm, fishery industry, meatpacker, etc.In 1996, Baoyanchengxiang Plastic CO., Ltd was established by four sisters of Liu family.


The characteristic of our poultry transport coop

1. Using 100% new HDPE raw materials, our plastic transport coop anti-oxidant, anti-corrosion, anti-UV, etc. One-time molding technology, provide stronger, durable poultry crate with a long lifespan. Higher design at the corners of the bottom, avoid the plastic crate bottom touch the ground directly, prolong the using time. 2. Our chicken transport crate has a

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